November was supposed to be my month off.

After the freneticism of October finishing off the rewrites, I’d been instructed to take November easy. But I’d promised a few friends that I’d take part in NaNoWriMo with them.
I also know myself and know what stresses me out. Having done the rewrites I have a strong idea of the direction of Black as Knight. Whilst I fully expect some further rewrites, I’m hoping that they won’t be as big as the ones I’ve just done.
I know that once I have got Black As Knight polished and it comes time to start looking toward the next book, I’ll start to second-guess myself. As a result I decided it would be far healthier to be able to get to that position and have a rough draft of a second book (even if when the time comes I decide the draft is no good and throw it out to start all over again).
And so November has been spent working on the second book in the Legend of the Shade Knight series. I wasn’t out to break any records, I wasn’t too worried about the draft being very rough, I just wanted to have a draft I can build upon when the time comes.
I did pretty well as well. I got 66,000 words written in November. I would have done more but I’ve found the one thing that really impacts my writing – day job stress. If I look back over the last year I can see the two times when there have been huge gaps in my writing have not been when there’s been family illness or personal stresses, but when there’s worries at work. It annoys me, especially when those stresses are avoidable. I need to better understand why it derails me and then work out how to avoid it.
I’ve had some more beta feedback and the idea is that I’ll incorporate that with feedback from the agent on the latest draft which is due any time. For now the focus is on writing book 2 and enjoying the fact that it’s just a fun exercise for the time being.
It’s now December and I’ve been writing all year. My aim has always been to work hard rather than write lots of words and whilst there is some correlation between the two there is some subtle but distinct difference.
I’ve got some synopses of other books to write up for my agent that real life has been getting in the way of and I’d like to continue to make decent progress with Black As Knight’s sequel. But that’s coupled with the fact that December is a busy time of year. So I’m going to set my target for the end of the year to end on 600,000 words. That’ll equate to a NaNoWriMo for every month of the year. It won’t be enough to finish off Black As Knight’s sequel but I reckon I could have that draft done by end of January.
YTD Total: 567,000 words