On my ToDo list are about 15 different blog posts to make.  So many that’s it’s not even funny.
So why the radio silence for the last month?
It’s mostly due to the rewrites.  After falling behind in August and feeling slightly overwhelmed, I knuckled down in September and started trying to get things back on track.  This has moved into October where I’ve basically block booked all my day job holiday and have spent the time trying to get the rewrites done.  I’m about a week in, working 18 hour days) and really have been making some awesome progress.  The rewrite has gone from the “writing” stage to just starting the “editing” stage and the plan is to have everything done for Fantasycon.
I’ve got lots to blog about, so expect a couple of blog posts over the next week on everything from the Year of Hard Work to Bristolcon to details of my schedule at Fantasycon.