At the start of this year I set myself a huge challenge – to write four novels in 2014.  A few friends said I was crazy but as I replied  I have good processes now and even if I ended up with just one completed novel it would be better than nothing.  As long as I didn’t let quality slip, anything more was just a bonus.
Eight months in, and I’m really happy with the progress.  I’ve written about a quarter of a million words so far (some good, some not so good) and already completed one novel with everything else progressing along nicely.  I’ve lost a few weeks due to house buying but hope to try and claw that back in the last third of the year.

Black As Knight (Sword & Sorcery / Flintlock ‘Batman’)  –  Novel Drafted, Edited & Beta Read.
Thieving King (Crossgenre / Sequel to Four Realms) – About 50% through second draft
Thunder of Crows (Supernatural horror / Twister Meets X-Files) – Rough story beats mapped out.  First draft scheduled for end of September / early October.
Refugee (Dystopian Fantasy) – redraft scheduled for November / December
I’m that pleased with my process (and I’m still refining it and making it more efficient) that I’ve already decided I want to do it again next year and write a further four books.
Gods of the Wild Frontier (Fantasy Western / Helicopters, Spirit animals and demonic entities in a secondary world fantasy)
Four Realms Book 3 (Crossgenre)
UNTITLED – (2ndry world fantasy influenced heavily by Greek Mythology / Armies of Gorgons)
UNTITLED – (Military Space Opera in the style of Epic Fantasy meets Alice in Wonderland)
Obviously, if someone picks up Black As Knight, the sequel to that will get pushed  into 2015 and I might drop my workload to just two books a year to allow time for marketing and promotion, but I honestly  expect that as my processes get better I’ll produce higher quality work faster.
Given how many books I want to write, how many worlds I want to create, I could write four books a year for the rest of my life and never get to visit them all.  If only I could manage five a year!