I used to think that I worked best when I had no interruptions, that my best writing was achieved when real life wasn’t getting in the way.  These days, I’m not so sure.
Of course, there are those bits of real life that really derail you, like Leggedon did me.  This year is all about trying to regain that lost year.  But I’m finding I’m at my most productive when writing is “something else I do”.
It’s possible that I’m more organised now, that my ToDo list resides somewhere other than my head allowing me to crack on with work.  It’s also possible that I’m not as anxious about things as I once was, that I’m more confident in my abilities.  But there’s a lot to be said for being just busy enough that I still have time to do the work but not enough time to spend hours worrying about it.
Case in point:  I’m currently trying to edit Black As Knight.  I want to get it to beta readers before the end of the month, and despite a load going on with life and day job, I seem to be managing it.  I’m editing it as stringently as I did The Four Realms, yet I seem to be whizzing through it.
Part of me worries that I’m being slapdash, but if I am, it’s as slapdash as I was on The Four Realms.  Yet whereas I stressed over the editing of that book, I seem to be enjoying this one.  I’m still finding plenty to change, but it’s nothing structural – it’s all a description here, a subtle change to character there.  Maybe this is a product of all the planning I put into the front end?  Or maybe I just don’t have the time to stress about changes I never end up making.
Whatever it is, I’m enjoying the editing.  I’m loving the hell out of this book and I think you will too.