As regular blog visitors will know, last year I embarked on a productivity drive to make up for time lost due to the leg injury.  It’s proved very effective and I’ve managed to accomplish a lot since implementing it including a lot of writing and organising the trip of a lifetime in total secrecy.  Even so, I always feel like I’m slacking.
Having returned from America and slowly coming down from a huge adrenaline rush, the past two weeks I’ve felt really sluggish.  In order to keep my focus for the first third of the year, I pushed a load of tasks off until “after storm chasing”.  This has meant I’ve returned to this mountain of work I need to sort through and prioritise.
I needed a week to get my head together and it’s taken another week to get myself organised.  In reality, this is fairly sensible but I realise that from now until Worldcon, I’m going to be insanely busy and I’ve just felt that I’m wasting time.  I’ve got a draft to finish and another novel to edit and already I’m starting to feel a little panicked.
One of the things I’ve done this past week is swap out my personal task management software.  I’ve been using Remember The Milk for the last year and it’s certainly worked.  But you have to really cludge it to get GTD working on it and I felt that this was causing me to think twice before adding tasks in.  There’s a lot I like about Remember the Milk, specifically that it’s cross platform.  But the day job computer has had issues making it difficult to use RTM and I wanted something a little friendlier on the phone.
So I’m trying out ToDoist.  For what I need, there’s probably very little difference but I’m enjoying the phone interface a lot more.  It also feels like there is active development whereas Remember the Milk felt like it had reached a plateau.  Who knows?  At the moment ToDoist is shiny and new, but if that means I’m using it and getting things done, that’s not such a bad thing.  I’ll keep using it and report back how I’m getting on later in the year.