So Leggedon celebrates its first anniversary this week and it’s a good time for me to look back and see all the things I’ve accomplished or experienced since

  • Written first draft of one book, and half way through a third draft on another
  • Lost over 100lb in weight
  • Solo cached 133 finds over 28 miles with a 6” hole in my leg
  • Changed my entire writing process from the ground up
  • Started sword fighting
  • Walked 37 miles to become one of first UK cachers to do over 200 caches on foot in a day (possible UK record)
  • Launched redesigned website
  • Nearly lost the leg twice
  • Started Running
  • Been a panelist as a ‘proper author’
  • Found over 400 caches in a single 75 mile weekend (possible UK record)
  • Grown a beard

Whilst I doubt that the next year will be quite as eventful I still have a lot of things planned / I want to accomplish in the year ahead.