Since finishing the draft of ‘Black As Knight’ I’ve been all out of sorts.  It’s like I’ve gained an extra limb and don’t know what to do with it.  I’ve been restless and eager to jump into writing ‘Thieving King’.
But I’m plotting at the moment, taking plot elements from previous drafts I don’t feel are working and reworking them.    It’s meant a major change to a secondary character but I think it’s made for a much more interesting story.
Writing ‘The Four Realms’, Maureen’s arc was always the more developed, Darwin’s needed a bit of work.  This book it seems the other way round but I’m happy with how Maureen’s revised arc is shaping up.  I also think Mr West could be the star of this book (and so much fun to write) but there’s still a plot structure thing I need to overcome to really pull this out the bag.
So at the moment, I’m busy using a software product called Scapple, mapping all the plot threads and linking them together.  It’s coming along nicely but it feels like playing rather than part of the writing process (even though it’s a vital stage).
In the meantime I’ve still been writing.  I’ve written a short story that is currently being beta read, I’ve got a non-fiction project plotted out and I’ve got a few more articles for Fantasy Faction and GPSTracklog to write this weekend.  Oh and there have been more blog posts… just because my sanity requires I write.
I’m hoping that it’s a sign that I’m going to tear through the next draft of ‘Thieving King’.  I somehow suspect that the prep work needed before I start writing is going to take me until the end of the month.  This is only the second book I’ve plotted out with the new process and it does seem that it’s an investment of time (although a worthy investment that pays dividends down the line).  I hope with books to come I can streamline it a little more.  Still, progress is progress.
As a result I’ve probably been busier than I give myself credit for.  Still feels like I’m slacking though.