It’s been a couple of months since the last mailbag so I thought I’d run another bunch of reader questions about The Four Realms.  Please note that these DO contain spoilers for the book so if you are still reading you might want to bookmark this blog post until after you’ve completed it.  If you’ve got a question about the book, send it in and I’ll answer it next time!

 If Hell won the war vs. Heaven what did they win?

To break away and create Hell.  Some say this was an excuse for some to break from Heaven’s control and create their own ‘utopia’ in another realm, although I doubt we’d class it a utopia.  They would argue that they did it because the souls in hell were not being ‘looked after’.  Legend also has it that the Almighty and the first fallen had a fight all over the realms, and wherever their swords clashed a gateway was created.

 Is the Luton gate newer than the Guildford gate? If so how? If not why is it more popular now? Especially as it’s right next to the Friary… where is the other side of the Luton gate?

The Luton gateway also connects to the Friary although at another end of the complex.  The presence of two gateways to our realm was one of the reasons the elves built the original buildings that grew to become New Salisbury.    On our side of the Luton gateway there are much better transport links meaning out of the two, Luton has grown in popularity over the years.

How is it decided who can go through the gates? Human electricians? Fishermen?

The wizards of the Friary maintain most of the gateways.  Access is restricted to wizards and the occasional ally.  Elves control some as well but for their part, due to their hatred of humans, most are blocked off or heavily policed.  There are a few though that remain in the control of black marketeers.