Last weekend was my one week in three when I wasn’t on out of hours support with the day job, so you’d think it would mean for a lazy Sunday. Maybe it was being woken by my housemates at 5:30am (I love them but, by God, I don’t think they’d know what quiet is if it crept up to them and whispered its name in their ear) but I had a busy Sunday. I used the day as part of a weekend to get myself organised and on top of my To-Do list.

In trying to build my walking back up, I put in my best single walk since my leg exploded – 4.16 miles. It felt like five times that and by the time I got home I didn’t think I would be able to move for the rest of the day. Because of this, and because I am sadistically stubborn, I went out again and did another 2 miles in the evening. I reckoned if I died I’d still keep walking for 20 minutes. There’s part of me that’s frustrated that I found 4 miles so hard, but there’s another part of me that welcomes the progress. My leg still hurt today so I probably overdid it if I’m honest.
I’ve been trying to get my article writing back on and ahead of schedule and I’m trying a few different organisational techniques at the moment to manage my writing time. Of course, this meant a huge backlog of things I hadn’t already done so I spent a lot of the weekend polishing articles for both Fantasy Faction and GPStracklog before sending one of them off. I hope to get the other one out in a day or so. Going forwards, I’m going to try organising myself so despite them having a similar deadline, they don’t both get worked on at the same time of the month. Hopefully that should make it a bit easier for novel work.
I did manage to break the back of a chapter that I know is still missing something (I just don’t know what yet) and was a real slog. Some chapters are like that. Still, it now exists as a draft and I can go back and fix it when I’m ready. Now, after a few slow chapters I’ve got a few action-packed ones to write, so that should be fun. I would like to ramp up my output though as this book seems to be taking forever (I have to remind myself that the last one took 13 years so this is massive progress).
I also found some time to put in some brainstorming on a future project. No idea when I’m going to get to this one and I need to leave the idea for a couple of weeks to see how strong it really is. If I’m still fanatical about it in three weeks time then I know it’s a good one.
Aside from that I did manage to catch some of the British Grand Prix (first time I’ve watched F1 in years!), so not a bad Sunday. If only they were all this productive!