I’ve been a bit bad at updating the blog recently. The ironic thing is that at those times when I do have a lot to blog about, I’m too busy to do so. I’m currently behind on everything. The test results have come back from the leg and there’s a ridiculous number of activities now happening ranging from referals to the hospital, to high risk of a repeat, to building the walking up again. So here are a collection of points, most of which are blog posts in their own right.

1. Antibiotics affect my mood. I’m always on a bit of a down for a couple of weeks after taking them.
2. I am also in that dangerous middle section of a novel when the going gets really tough.
3. Consequently I am feeling like I am the worst writer, like… evaaaar!
4. As a result, I’m just writing and worrying about whether scenes work or not once I feel a bit brighter.
5. I have passed 50k on book 2.
6. Interviewers can make a note to ask me about the mess at 35k that needed unravelling and resulted in a load of re-writing.
7. I strongly believe there is an upper limit to pain.
8. I believe there are two types of pain – a low throb and a sharp spike.
9. I believe I have an incredibly high tolerance for throbbing pain and virtually none for the spikey pain.
10. If I knock my bad leg in purely adult company (i.e. no kids), I really don’t give a shit about your opinions on swearing.
11. I have the cholesterol level of an athelete.
12. According to the various apps I’m using to track my rehabilitation, if I ‘restrict’ myself to 2600 calories a day I will lose 2lb a week. I could eat a massive family size chocolate bar each day (possibly two) and still not hit that much. I.e. my metabolism is fucked (as tests are starting to prove).
13. I believe this country’s obsession with demonising obesity is stopping people with serious metabolic issues from being diagnosed (i.e Thyroid, circulation, etc).
14. I have missed walking more than you could believe.
15. Hobbling around the block currently wipes me out.
16. Walking currently feels like a gremlin is clinging to my leg stabbing me with a knife with every step. This is better than it was.
17. Being housebound these last few weeks has made me very, very cranky.
18. When I am treated like an idiot or ignored by someone I usually let it just wash over me.
19. My tolerance of aforementioned people is at an all-time low.
20. However, I will not let aforementioned people change me from being a nice, fun, open person at heart.
21. Being grumpy is not a character flaw, it is a privilege of age.
22. If you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re fucked.
23. I can judge how well / focused I am by the number of full stops I omit from the end of paragraphs.