Book promotion is a busy time. It feels like since September I’ve been working my way through a list of things that needed to have been done yesterday, culminating in a couple of months of solid interviews, guest blogs and reviews. It’s been hectic but a lot of fun.
There’s still plenty of things ongoing: blog posts to write, articles that are due in, interview questions that need to be answered. But it’s not so frantic as it once was and inbetween the ongoing items I’ve found time to have a bit of R&R.

I’ve used the time to work on improving my skill in World of Warcraft. It’s often said that you can’t be a good world of warcraft player and a writer, but I’ve often used it and writing as procrastination devices for each other. Now all I need is another character to level (probably my priest as I HATE levelling as a priest).
I bought myself a new keyboard and mouse and I am in the process of learning to use the array of mapped buttons rather than just pointing and clicking with the mouse. This has lead to many times when some random ability has been let off during a fight, but overall I’ve seen improvements in my abilities.
I’m also fine-tuning the abilities I use, moving away from a game of button whack-a-mole to something more considered and tighter.
It’s all a bit of a challenge but one I’m really enjoying. And with a new raid tier due just around the corner, I’m hoping my skills will be defined enough to make a real difference.
In the meantime, Darwin is undergoing a major development in his character that involves not only making the change believable but ensures it sets his development in the right direction for the rest of the book and onwards. This is one of those tricky areas that requires me writing something and then standing back and looking at it to decide whether it works or not before revising. I have a feeling that because so much relies on this scene (and as it’s a mental development – Darwin doesn’t gain superpowers or anything, he just puts on a suit) this is a scene that needs to be right before I move on. I’m also mentally recruiting a fantasy race for the role of one of Larry McNally’s heavies ready for a later chapter.