warpcoresfI’ve been loving the reviews The Four Realms has been getting. Even the ones that have had criticisms have been thoughtful and honest. I keep worrying that inevitably there will be one I don’t love, that will hit some previous unknown painful truth. WarpcoreSF have published their review and have said some very nice things such as “Maureen Summerglass is my favourite old lady character since Granny Weatherwax” and “a thoroughly enjoyable mystery that mashes up modern urban fantasy with

[Minor Spoiler] and a more traditional fantasy world that’s in a state of gradual modernisation”.
The review does give away a minor spoiler but I know just how hard it is to talk about the book without mentioning it. I also don’t think the minor spoiler ruins the read so much as gives you an idea of the scope of the over-arcing story I want to tell across four books.
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