When I got offered my current day job I got warned that I might be required to travel and would I be OK with that. I think it’s a pretty standard question these days in interviews. I replied that I was more than happy to travel and the thought of being stuck in a hotel with nothing to do but write or find the local geocaches was my idea of Heaven.
This got put to the test this past week when I had to go to Birmingham for a set of training courses. Being in the middle of NaNoWriMo the idea of a week of no distractions sounded great so my Macbook got packed along with my work PC and taken with me.

My hotel was near enough the centre that I could walk to the shops if I needed, but far enough that it was a bit of a walk. So whilst I did venture into town a couple of times, and did pick up some caches (my first in months), the walk up and over the hill really strained my already bad back. Still I said that once the book was announced I’d be getting slowly back into caching again, so I held up my part of the bargain.
But as a result, I tended to come back from training, eat at the hotel and then just write – no TV, no internet, only my iPod for company.
Given my current sleeping patterns keep waking me up in the night, I played around going to bed earlier and then working for a couple of hours in the middle of the night when I woke. This worked extremely well and I may do it in the future. Yes, it appears I can write more lucidly waking at 3am than I can feeling tired at 9pm.
The net result, even though Thursday night was a bust due to a colleague being in the same hotel as me, and Friday seeing my writing time turn to travelling time, I still managed a staggering 13,000 words for the week. Some major scenes got written and for the most part I’m very happy with the drafts (although they still need a lot of work).
I returned home to find myself in that part of the novel that was planned as “stuff happens” so maybe progress will slow considerably due to having to discover the story here. But the writing I did at my NaNo group yesterday seemed to go well, so the novel is still proving a joy to write.
In other news, I came home to find that the first article I did for Fantasy Faction on craft featuring Sam Sykes, Laura Lam, Lou Morgan and MD Lachlan went live on Wednesday. I’ll do a proper write up about it later today or tomorrow. But you can check it out here