I have just a couple of days rest between finishing one major project and pushing forward with the next. In an ideal world maybe I’d want a couple of weeks to switch gears but there are many reasons why the short break is an advantage.
I’m proud that I’ve always been someone who wants to build on their strengths and continue to learn and evolve as a writer. So it’s no surprise that with this next project I have ideas of things I want to achieve.

Going into Project Calamari I have two major overarching thoughts of how I want to push myself. The first is that I want this project to paint on a far larger canvas. I’m still not sure how I’m exactly going to do this, but this is more than just a snappy catchphrase. I want to up the sensawunder, have the ups and down undulate more; I want the action scenes to bigger, I want the reader to scream at the big character and plot twists.
Which leads me to the second underlying aim. I want the stakes to be bigger in this one. There has to be more to win, more to lose.
I sit and play with my outline, coming up with new and exciting scenes to insert into and enhance the plot, but know there’s still so much of this story left unknown to me.
But there are pieces I know, than feel and as a solid as my bones, and I’m hoping that will be enough to carry me on.