I’m trying to work out how I’ve suddenly got so behind. Either a combination of a busy return to work and Warcraft dailies ate my time or I somehow subconsciously stacked a load of writing jobs to all be done the week after my holiday. It’s not as if I felt like I slacked off last week.
Whichever it is (I suspect a combination of the two), I am running behind on so many things that this morning I got up at 5am, just to try and clear a few before the day job.
Ordinarily, I’d be saying I was going to ‘lower my periscope’ to knuckle down, but I’m at a time when I’m professionally thinking I need to ramp up my social media presence, not take a break. There’s the possibility of ‘something exciting’ next week concerning Project Octopus but I’ve learned that these things never happen when you think they will. Still, I need to be ready; just in case.
So for now I’ll just worry about getting these jobs done and try to write the odd blog post in breaks.
Busy, busy, busy!