I realise that I’ve been quiet on blogging about my writing recently. That’s not because nothing is happening (quite the opposite in fact), it’s just that there’s very little I can report.
My second article for GPSTracklog should be online very soon. I got to do a “photoshoot” for this one which was a bit of fun.
Project Llama continues. I’m advised that things might get announced in the next month or so. There’s so much I would like to say about this project but I’m under NDA. Things will get revealed when the time is right but for now I’m having a real blast with this and it’s taking up the majority of my writing time.
I’ve also got a genre-related article for one of the big websites I’ll be putting together this week. If I’m being honest, this has proved a little more complex than I originally thought but I really reckon this will be worth the effort.
As for personal fiction projects, well Project Llama is taking up most of my time at the moment, but behind the scenes there’s writing going on along with a lot of thinking that’s not yet advanced enough to convey.
So I’m busy, busy, busy even though there is little to show for it right now.