Not too brilliant a weekend. First I ended up house sitting whilst the electricians came to do some work. I had no electricity so was unable to do any writing (coz it’s all on computers these days, init?) but at least I read most of Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch. I have to say I’m loving his Peter Grant books. Fun, easy reading, and the perfect thing when you are sitting there thinking “surely the Landlord should be doing the house sitting?”.

It wasn’t helped that I came down with a cold over the weekend: A sore throat on Saturday, and a bit of a head cold on Sunday. However, despite my back still making a slow recovery I needed to go out and get some geocaching done towards my plans for my 10,000th. That, I am a little behind on. Only managed 14 before the 4 mile circuit I was doing became obviously a lot more and my GPS batteries started to go. Still, whilst the back hurt, the pain stayed pretty consistent so it feels like I am making a slow recovery.
However, today the cold broke and I am, as a bloke, this >< close to death. I'm feeling lethargic and sorry for myself. I have a lot of projects that are all at different stages of progression, and all appear to be on schedule, even with potential downtime for a cold / death. There's lots of cool things down the pipeline, yet still I find myself naturally inbox watching regarding a couple of submissions I recently made. And so, with Whispers Underground finished (did I tell you how brilliant those books are? Go read them), my plan is for an early night, possibly with a bit of Patrick Ness.