I used to play a lot on the Xbox, but then I realised I was wasting tonnes of money on games I hardly played and so confined my gaming to predominantly World of Warcraft. There was the odd exception but in the majority the Xbox has been left to gather dust.
After moving and then working out how to pump the sound through my headphones, I picked up LEGO Batman for the console and have been having a lot of fun with it.

I really enjoy the LEGO games. They’re casual fun and a great way to unwind, plus there’s a strategy for getting to 100% that’s fun and moreish, encouraging repeat playing of levels. But what I’ve really enjoyed about LEGO Batman 2 was how they expanded it to beyond just Batman into a quasi-Justice League story. And you know what, for a game, it’s a lot of fun and captures the feel of a comic book. I was actually sad when it ended and whilst I’m still far from 100% complete I find I’m already wanting another LEGO Batman game.
If you’ve enjoyed the others in the LEGO series, you’ll know exactly what to expect and have fun doing so.