Disassociated thoughts rattling around my brain today:

  • Swords & Sorcery and the elements I love about the subgenre as well as favourite books.
  • The fall of characters – characters who destroy their own self-worth by compromising their own integrity. Only by a little at first, but it starts a chain of events leading to their ultimate downfall. The example I am thinking is the movie, Requiem for a Dream, which is an extreme example. Dare I use the word Grimdark?
  • Humour in fantasy – other than comedic fantasy like Pratchett, there’s very little humour in fantasy. Life is funny, usually at the darkest moments, yet we see little of it. Are we trying to be too serious?
  • Gods of the Old Frontier – There’s a piece of the jigsaw missing. It’s one idea from twisting this novel into something I’ll be happy with. This will come out of nowhere of its own accord so it’s not worth trying to look for it.
  • Intertwining plots – Most of my books are quite clean in terms of plot. I want to muddy it up a bit, have plot elements split over a greater cast of characters.