Illness has continued for me this week. Gone is the fever but a dry cough lingers that feels like a 500lb gorilla sitting on my chest. Even simple things like a small shop leave me feeling drained.
Couple this fatigue with settling into the new job and I’ve had a week where I just want to get home and veg out. So unsurprisingly, I’ve found this week filled with movies and TV. I’m progressing my way at a respectable slower-than-normal pace through the Game of Thrones box set, and have had the last two Harry Potter movies as a backdrop whilst I do other things.
So whilst my mind takes a time out from writing, I’ve still been surrounded by a variety of fantasy, (even more if you count my Warcraft Guild’s raid nights). And I’ve found my mind subconsciously deconstructing each of these properties, trying to look anew and find what it is about these vastly different series that I love. Whilst this might not seem to be about writing, I’m finding the beats, the twists of character and the genesis of my empathy of them. Similarly, my mind is picking out those building blocks of story I do not care for, understanding through this process what my own personal loves and hates are.
There won’t be a Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter mash-up that comes out of this. Instead, I suspect this will subconsciously give me a clearer view of my own flavour of fantasy and will feed into something much more original.