I honestly believe that if you want to *be* another author, you’re doing it wrong. I write because of the stories that are trying to burrow out of me, of a love and frustration with the genre, of finding an audience, of a hundred different things. Don’t get me wrong, there are authors I love, but I love them for being them, not because I want to be them.
That said, it’s inevitable that as you read you’ll notice some authors do some things incredibly well; enough, sometimes, to make you jealous of their talent and try and up your game. But seeing as it’s the weekend – and that I ‘ve had a busy week – I thought we’d have some fun.

You’re allowed to steal traits from authors. You can steal whatever you want, serious or funny, and you can steal from as many authors as you like. Here are some of my choices:
Joe Abercrombie – I’d like to steal his sense of characterisation. He does some great character work, and some of his characters are my favourite in fantasy because of it.
Scott Lynch – Lies of Locke Lamorra is one of my favourite books, one I re-read recently and loved even more. Scott has such a beautiful way of describing things. When I read his descriptive passages I find myself wishing I could do even half as well.
Neil Gaiman – I’d steal his showmanship. When he talks, whatever it is about, it is warm, interesting and engaging. He’s a real storyteller, and whenever I hear him read, a sense of comfort always comes over me.
China Mieville – I’d steal his respect for his audience. I’ve seen him talk a couple of times and whilst there were some things I disagreed with him, and even more I could not understand, he’s always deeply respectful towards those he is addressing.
Tolkien – For his worldbuilding. When I read Lord of the Rings, my immediate reaction was… “I have to worldbuild bigger and better than that”. I’m still trying.
What about you? What would you steal and from who?