So Christmas is over and we’re heading towards the New Year. My arts and crafts gifts for 2011 have been given out and I can finally reclaim my kitchen into being … you know, a kitchen, rather than a production line.
So we’re now in those few days on the calendar where we like to reflect on the year just past and make predictions and resolutions for the one ahead – both of which will not happen.
I’m not quite ready for my 2011 post but some people have noticed that I’ve not talked a lot about writing lately and wondered if that has been a casualty in 2011.
In some ways it has, in other ways it hasn’t; writing has been tough in 2011 – this year I’ve had to climb mountains, but I’ve reached peaks. THE novel got finished, got a positive assessment and started the slow agent rounds. It’ll continue to do this in 2012.

I’ve not rested on my laurels and in November I started on a new novel, trying a slightly different process. Real life stopped me making massive progress, but it’s been ticking along ever since. I’ve written a non-fiction piece that’ll see publication next year and I’ve been working on a few other things. Blog posts have increased, and whilst I can’t promise one every day, I hope to maintain a regular blogging schedule with more articles on wider subjects than just “I wrote 100 words today”. That’s part of the reason I’ve not been talking about writing recently, as I try and settle into the blog’s widening scope.
I’m a sporadic writer. I’ll write something most days, it just might not be the novel and sometimes it’ll just be a hundred words. In 2012 I need to be much more regimented. When I ran the website, I had that discipline to the extreme but since retiring from it, I’ve yet to find that same discipline to my fiction. Often, what holds me back is fear; fear that what I’m writing isn’t good enough, fear that I’m not sure what it is I’m writing, what it is I’m trying to say.
If there is one word to sum up 2011 it is ‘challenge’ and whilst it’s for another post, I don’t think I did bad given what was thrown at me. In fact, I think 2011 was a major success for me in terms of my writing career. My aim for 2012 can be summed up as ‘fearless’. I’m feeling better than I did for three quarters of 2011, feel renewed and strengthened, and I hope this will reflect in my writing.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a new monitor to try and set up. And then I’ll do some writing… honest!