I have always been a deadline person. Admittedly, I am usually pretty close to the deadline but that’s because I do tend to leave things to the last minute. I think that’s because there’s no time for doubt or options, leaving you to just worry about making what you have the best it can be. It’s probably not the most productive way to work but I guess it’s not the biggest crime.
Deadlines however, I see as a professional courtesy. I’m not saying I haven’t ever asked for an extension, but it’s been for good reason and as a last resort. I like making editors life as painless as possible and up until now I’ve been good at doing that.
Life has been pretty hectic the last few weeks. Lots of things have been going on in “real life” that’s stolen time away from the things I love and want to be doing. I wish I could say that it was writing related, but it’s really just real life throwing everything it can at me. Always seems to happen in November.
And as a result, I missed a deadline.
OK, so it was not a promise, more “I’ll try and get something to you by…” but still it’s a point of professionalism and it bothers me. I didn’t even have time to follow up with a polite “sorry I’ve not been back to you…”
That’s unprofessional and it’s not me. OK, so I’m sure given the reasons people will understand but still it irks me no end. Grovelling letter of apology has been sent along with the promised item and I hope that’ll be the only time I’ll ever have to do that.