I’ve been busy these last few days trying to write a blog post about destiny. There’s been quite a bit of really good discussion about it on Twitter this past week, but trying to collect and collate all my thoughts has proved to be a bigger job than I thought.
So I’m aware I need to make another blog post, to ensure the forward momentum of the site, but have nothing ready to post.
And then I see that someone has reviewed Jetsam, my story in the new BFS Journal.
Here’s what Weirdmonger had to say:

Jetsam by Adrian Faulkner
“There was no time for any final words.”
An effectively written and poignant variation on the theme of dying as paralleled by a visit of a family to the seaside. Its skill is such that it positively affected me today as my wife and I are currently involved with periodically visiting an elderly relative in her last days or weeks…. Thanks. (21 Jan 11)

My excitement is because this is my first fiction review, and the fact that it’s positive has made me beam all day.
I’m determined to enjoy it as I have visions of me in several years time with a few bad reviews under my belt, saying “things were so much easier back then.”
If anyone sees any other reviews, please let me know!