I woke this morning to something large coming through the letter box. I’ll admit that my first thought was a DVD, but since I now buy blu-ray and haven’t got any order outstanding, I’ll put it down to the fog of sleep.
What it turned out to be was something much more exciting: The first volume of the British Fantasy Society Journal. Gone are the single paperback publications of Dark Horizons, New Horizons and Prism, replaced with one hardback volume that collects them together.

Now I’m especially excited about this and unless you’ve been ignoring my blog update, Facebook statuses and tweets you’ll know why. Yes, it features my short story ‘Jetsam’. It’s the first story in the book as well (which really means nothing as the book is filled with great writers)
The BFS publications have a very good pedigree so I’m extremely excited and proud to be part of that legacy. If you get to read the story, please do let me know what you think of it.
The story includes the artwork I mentioned earlier this month by Poppy Alexander. It looks brilliant in black and white next to the story but the colour version has added depths. If you’ve not seen it be sure to check it out on Poppy’s site.
The BFS Journal is only available to members of the British Fantasy Society. So if you want a copy, you’ve got to join. Full details can be found over at the BFS site.