January will see the delayed release of my short story, Jetsam, in the British Fantasy Society Journal. It was originally scheduled for the end of 2010 but printing delays means it won’t be reaching members until sometime this month.
And it was whilst ego surfing (honestly I’m pretty pathetic, I only do it once every six months), that I came across an illustration for it by Poppy Alexander. I think it’s brilliant. I love how on first glance it seems very monotone only for the purple to then draw the eye in and give it depth.
I have to say, it’s pretty weird and extremely cool to see someone create a piece of art based off of one of your stories. The fact that someone would go to the effort of commissioning artwork to go with a story I wrote is very humbling.
It also works as a validation. I think every writer feels like a fraud at one time or another, and if it’s possible, I feel more a writer than I did before. Stupid I know, you either write or you don’t. But it certainly impressed friends and family in a “Oh, other people seem to be taking him seriously, maybe we should too” kinda way.
Check out the illustration over at Poppy Alexander’s site