Ahh December! That time of goodwill and worrying what you’re going to buy your aunty for Christmas. 2010 seems to have flown past but it’s not quite time for the best of the year lists.
No, there’s still time to squeeze out some extra news. I have some fiction due for publication this month! Yes. I know. I don’t just sit on twitter complaining about another part of my house that’s just gone wrong.
The BFS Journal is the new hardback publication from the British Fantasy Society, combining their previous publications New Horizons, Dark Horizons and Prism into a single volume. And if you look very careful at the list of contents on the back cover you’ll see the very first item is a story called “Jetsam” by a certain Adrian Faulkner. Obviously it’s listed first for a very good reason.

I’m very proud of Jetsam and honoured to be published in a publication whose origins published some of the first stories of some of my literary heroes.
If you want to get hold of the book, then the only way you’ll do so is to join the British Fantasy Society. It’s about £30 a year but as well as reduced prices for Fantasycon and the right to vote in the British Fantasy Awards, you’ll get a number of publications a year. And if the new hardback journal is anything approaching the quality of the anthology they produced in 2009, it’ll be something very special indeed.
Details can be found at www.britishfantasysociety.org