So a short time ago, I completed the latest major draft of my novel with no name. Technically according to the Stephen Deas scale, it’s ‘sorted’.
This isn’t the first novel I’ve written to completion, but this one has spent a hell of a long time working it’s way towards a completed draft, not aided by the last minute decision to split book one into two. This one has had a long and difficult birth, mostly caused by me ‘not doing things right’. So long has this one been ‘being written’ that I suspect that it will be treated with the same surprise by friends as if I said I was getting married or leaving the country. There will be jokes about signs of the coming apocalypse tomorrow.
There’s still a lot of work to be done. I’ve got some time off from it, before I head into edits. This is where I attempt to make the prose shine, and fix all those things I’ve labelled as “shit” in the notes. Some chapters (particularly the news ones that got added in this draft), might need ‘rejigging’ (which is my way of not saying ‘re-writing’ as that word strikes fear into the hearts of my friends).
So how do I feel about it right now? Well, as always my focus is on the faults. So many faults. I’m worried characters are flat, dialogue is monotone, and the prose is flat. But then I always worry about that and those are things that the editing stage is there for. I like the story. I think it’s really original, yet still pretty commercial. As stupid as this might sound, it feels like the type of novel I’d want to read. Whether anyone else will want to read it, remains to be seen.
It’s still got an awful long way to go before there’s any chance of it seeing publication. This is just the start, and frankly the amount of work I’ve got ahead of me in the coming weeks and months, almost makes me question why I’d ever want to write a novel. It currently stands at around 106k words, but I think I write short, especially when it comes to description, so even allowing for all those adverbs I’ll need to delete, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this push to 110k.
The last few days have been frantic, and the weirdest thing is that I don’t feel like I’ve been doing anything productive, instead feeling like I’ve wasted this week off work doing nothing. I guess time will tell how wasted this week will be, but it’s going to feel a little odd waking in the morning and telling myself that I can play World of Warcraft all day long if I want. Now, that would be gloriously wasting my day!