In the past 24 hours I’ve seen my creative mood swing from feeling very positive to extremely critical. There’s been no trigger either that I can see. It sucks, because I need to get the novel done, and things like this get in the way.
But in my slump, I decided that I really need to get my fiction section going. I’ve wanted to get some free fiction onto the site for some time and the original plan was for sometime next year when I would add my story that’s coming to New Horizons this autumn. But digging around last night, I found a number of flash pieces that I’m never really going to do anything with.
So I’ve put three stories online.
The Tim Machine was from blog competition on Jay Lake’s site a while back, where we were only given the title and had to come up with the story
The Salt of Life might have been something similar, or something I just wrote in order to have something to read out at my local writer’s circle
Finally That Time With Mary By The Oak Tree was my (unsuccessful) entry into the Campaign For Real Fear. Given how many entries they got, I figure there are a load of these stories floating round trying to get placed, so it’s better here.
You can check them all out in the new Fiction Section. Comments are enabled so you can tell me what you think, but note that whilst comments are moderated, they are only moderated for spam. So if you say anything critical, as long as you’re not being a total ass, it’ll still go up. I would prefer gushing praise, as I’m a writer in a slump, but I’d prefer honesty over even that.
I’m hoping to add more stories in the future, so if you like what you read, help spread the word, by posting about the stories on your blog, facebook, twitter, etc. Seriously, you might not think this much, but it can mean all the difference!