The last few days have not been good days for writing. A headachey illness has kept me off work a couple of days, and before that was my camping trip. So I’ve done hardly any writing over the last week.
However one major stumbling block I’ve been trying to work my way around is a subtle plot knot and it’s all to do with motivations.
Not everything gets revealed in book 1, indeed, the plan is that over the course of the books secrets will be revealed that will hopefully give more insight into earlier events. Except, there’s an innocent little scene near the beginning where there is a lot going on under the surface, and this knowledge meant that some character’s motivations weren’t exactly correct.
‘Worry’ is probably too strong a word but I’ve been worrying how to solve this particular issue. As the scene loomed large for a redraft this worry grew. It probably wouldn’t worry a reader… until they got to the big revelation in book 3 or 4 and then there would be questions.
But over the last 2 days, when even thinking felt too much like an effort, what happens: the solution pops into my head (along with an idea for a future book). Like I said a couple of days ago, downtime is important because you never know when you’ll get that idea that will unravel your plot knot.