Things move slowly in the publishing world. So slowly that I find myself often getting very impatient with it all (something I need to work on). But it can mean that it can sometimes be easy to forget how far you have come.
A year ago, I was in the process of selling the site off, of wondering whether I was making the worst decision of my life. How stupid to give up something so successful because of a belief that you had a skill.
I caught up with an old friend last night and was recounting this story.
“I’m still not sure I made the right decision,” I said.
“But look how far you’ve come,” he said.
I scoffed at this, not feeling like I’d made any real progress. But he reminded me about how my short stories took a marked jump in quality, so much so, I managed to actually place one. Then there was the hard work I’ve done networking and the progress I’ve made with the novel, making it a stronger and more compelling story. There was the longlist nomination and last of all there was the website. Individually, these may not amount to much but taking a step back through his eyes, I could see that I was wrong to scoff. I might not be moving forward at the speed I would like (that impatience thing again!), but I’m still moving forwards, and have accomplished a lot in the last year to be proud of.
Writing is a journey, and we are often so focused on the destination that we never look behind us to just stop for a second and see how far we’ve come.
Sometimes things will move slowly, other times they may rocket along, but the important thing is always moving forwards. What have you achieved with your writing in the last year? Where were you a year ago, compared to where you are now?