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2702, 2021

Taking Myself For A Walk – The Climb #735

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Friday 26th February 2021 I took myself for a long walk today.  There were a number of factors that fed into this decision.  Primarily, the weather finally seems to be turning.  We’re moving from winter [...]

2602, 2021

Pandemic Frustrations – The Climb #734

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Thursday 25th February 2021 Spring always seems to be my productive season.  I don’t know if it’s the increased daylight or the better weather leading me to spend more time outside but I always find [...]

2502, 2021

Dopamine Lows – The Climb #733

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Wednesday 24th February 2021 If I ever come back and read over these editions of The Climb I don’t want to think that it’s currently easy.  Yeah, I’m getting things done and moving a lot [...]

2402, 2021

Streaming Valheim – The Climb #732

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Tuesday 23rd February 2021 Today was the first day of my latest IT Course.   Unlike all the others, this one didn’t seem to hold my interest and went into areas of programming I’m not interested [...]

2302, 2021

Still Working On Things – The Climb #731

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Monday 22nd February 2021 I thought I had the start of a 2 day course today, but it turned out that’s tomorrow.  So instead I spent the morning catching up on The Climb. For once [...]

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