Saturday 13th March 2020

I want to preface this by saying that I have done a bunch of work today.   I’ve created a template for all the various projects I want to outline in the weeks ahead.  The idea is that rather than having complicated Scrivener corkboards for each, at this stage where I’m just collecting ideas, I have a single document and just plug stuff in as I think of it.

It’s not that I’m trying to work on several ideas at once, it’s just if I’m working on one thing, my brain will be a bastard and give me something for another project.

However, today has been largely about gaming.

In Pokemon Go, there’s been a minor event on with some timed research.  I try to do these more as a completionist than for any rewards.  However, I always find, I either get them done in a couple of hours flat, or I find I have a day left and a ton of stuff to do.  Today was the latter, and I whilst I’d seen the deadline loom and tried to work through it, I still needed to put an incense on for an hour this evening and catch steel types to complete the research.

In Warcraft, I still don’t have my legendary as I’ve been really bad at farming soul ash.  Having two mains, I’ve found Torghast has kinda been split between the two.  I need to really put some effort into the Maw and Torghast with my main raiding toon as that legendary is going to make a big difference to my output.

Guildies had said they’d help me if they were on, but as is the case, when I messaged them they were either busy or didn’t see the message.  I still did some, but it’s going to take me a few more weeks before I get enough to craft my belt.

And then there’s Fortnite.  The season ends on Monday and I’ve spend the last couple of weeks dipping in and out trying to get myself, and now C, to 100 before the season ends.  I’m pretty good at using supercharged XP and high value quests to really rack up the levels.  I think I am going to get C to 100 but it’s really been a slog and I found myself playing for a lot, lot longer than I’d planned.

But I did get some editing work done.  I went back over a couple of chapters I’d already edited.  Something I’m finding very apparent in this manuscript as I go through is that things gets repeated, whether it be dialogue or thoughts or description.  I seem to write a lot of worriers and as such, their internal dialogue is filled with questions… which sometimes get repeated.

Part of the challenge of this edit is to retain the anxiety whilst cutting out a lot of the repetition.

I also started work on reorganising my goals.  I’ve started by adding new fiction projects into my database.  I’ve changed dates for some, archived others.  I still have to schedule them.  I still want to aim for an outline a week, but I also want to make sure that there’s some variety in tone and sub-genre between them.  I don’t want to work on two urban fantasies back to back.

There’s still a bunch of work to do, but I’d like to hit Monday running.  Hopefully with a lot of the gaming done today, I can give editing and outlining a lot of focus next week.

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