Tuesday 23rd February 2021

Today was the first day of my latest IT Course.   Unlike all the others, this one didn’t seem to hold my interest and went into areas of programming I’m not interested in pursuing.

Still, it’s a free course, and if the only thing I learnt was that Microsoft Graph is NOT the function which creates pie charts inside Excel, it was still useful.

It meant that I was a little burnt out by the afternoon and whilst I had a lot of tasks to do, I pushed them to the evening and decided to play a little Valheim.

This is the latest survival game.  It reminds me of a cross between Ark and Minecraft but with a Viking Theme.  Friends have been playing and it looks like fun.  Ordinarily I might play some Warcraft and whilst I’m far from bu.rnt out on Shadowlands, it looks like there could be a long wait before new content and so taking a day off wouldn’t hurt.  I made sure to complete the outstanding weekly quests first

The main thing I had learnt about Valheim before playing was how it was impossible to build roofs.  As this was my first playthrough I thought it might be fun to stream.

I’ve not streamed games in a number of weeks.  I’ve preferred to listen to audiobooks while I level alts instead and you can’t really do that whilst streaming.

But I thought watching me fail at building might make for a fun stream, and so I did.

And you know what?  Most successful stream yet.

I’ve heard people say to stream games people aren’t playing and Valheim is new and hot and so it’s probably no surprise I got raided by a bunch of people, got a bunch of new followers and was even chatting to random people.

The big issue I have is that streaming more than a couple of hours and my throat becomes sore.  I suppose practise makes perfect.

But I got followers so I’m super proud of that.  I don’t intend to be a big time Twitch streamer – in reality I started streaming as a way to practise public speaking – but it does fall in with my overall plan to diversify across social media platforms.

And there was still time after that to do the important day’s work of editing chapters of a novel and going over a short story.  I thought today would be a right off with the training first thing, but I’m quite proud of myself for having enough energy to power through the rest of the day.

I might not have ticked off many tasks on my ToDo list but I certainly progressed a bunch.

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