Wednesday 17th February 2021

Ordinarily, Wednesday is my Warcraft day but I’ve got some more Microsoft training over the next couple of days so fitting it into my day has proved difficult.

I made a point of doing the weekly World boss as they give 250 anima.  There’s ordinarily another World Quest that does gives the same but maybe it was the time I eventually logged on, I couldn’t find that second quest.  I figure I have an entire week and it’s pretty quiet in-game at the moment so I didn’t worry about it.  I’ll pick it up closer to the weekend.

So instead, I continued as I have this week and worked on a number of micro tasks, inching each of them forward.

In Warcraft, I’ve recently discovered a new method for leveling.  It’s quicker but it really needs rested XP, and since that takes 10 days to ‘recharge’ I wouldn’t call this method particularly fast.  But it did allow me to get a level or two out of a load of characters.  I suppose anything that inches any of them forward makes for less overall work.  I managed to get 4 or so characters done tonight so the plan is to do others tomorrow and then cycle back into them when they’ve rested for a while.

I did this while starting a new audiobook.  I realised that I’m very good at buying books from friends, not so good at prioritising them in my TBR pile, so I’ve selected an audiobook I had and am listening to that now while leveling.

Similarly, a friend has had their book turned into a Netflix mini series so I started watching that on the Support Bubble Sofa.  I wanted to pay it attention so I didn’t go on my iPad last night.  That’s understandable given as I’d been in training for most of the day and my brain was fried.

I have moved a short story forward though, and have started thinking about ways I can improve it.  At the moment it has about 4 themes, each split into their own section, but I’m mentally trying to find some overarcing theme that links them all together.  I think that will cause this story to pop.  I have a load of upcoming deadlines for short stories and have a bunch I want to edit but it’s been a busy week with a lot of training so I can be a little easy on myself.

Likewise, I’ve not made progress on editing the novel project today.  Again.  I’m going easy on myself.  My brain was fried by the end of the work day today and I wouldn’t have done my best work.  Heck,  I didn’t feel like reading comics either.

What I am pleased about is in a day where an activity would ordinarily take such priority and mental headspace as to negate progress in anything else, there has been movement.  Granted that it’s inches rather than miles, but that’s really been the theme of this week.

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