Sunday 7th February 2021

This has to be the least participation I’ve ever had in a community day.  It was the turn of Roselia to have a community day today, yet despite evolves having two special  exclusive moves, I did the research and was basically done.

I probably played, at most, an hour or two.  I didn’t even use incense for most of it.

I’m enjoying certain aspects of Pokemon Go currently, but that’s because I’m dipping and out of it.  Outside of events, I’m not really doing much.  We’ve just had a week of special research relating to Team Rocket, and it’s been fun completing that, but mainly because I can just turn on Pokemon Go every couple of hours and see if there’s a new rocket balloon.

The days of farming Pokemon feel behind me, and whilst that may happen in the future, I’m happy to tick along for now.  There’s a bunch of shinies I don’t have, I’m not worried.  I’m still only just level 41, despite having the XP for level 48.

I figure that I’ll catch up in the future if I want to, but there are things I’d rather spend my time doing.  It was Warcraft raid night tonight, and I’m enjoying that.  We’ve had the inevitable drop out of players and tonight we merged the two groups.  There were some teething troubles but I’m just happy to attend and do my bit, even if I’m sitting comparatively lower on the DPS meters.  My aim is to try and not die.

I ended up spending a part of the day doing some of my weekly admin from the comfort of the support bubble sofa.  I’m behind on The Climb after last week’s late nights zooming with Netflix so I want to try and catch up on those tomorrow.

I got a bit frustrated with myself on not having done anything until I reminded myself that, I had in fact done a first draft and a bunch of screenwriting webinars.  The days and weeks all seem to merge into one at this point.

I suppose that’s one good thing about Pokemon Go Community Days.  It’s a fixed point in time.  Something to prepare and look forward to.  Whilst I’m feeling a lot brighter and more motivated than I did a few weeks ago, Lockdown is still getting to me slightly.  It’s cold out and were it not for visiting my support bubble each day, I’d not get out the house.  I look forward to when it’s brighter and I can go for a walk without freezing.

And I guess, that’s when Pokemon Go might pick up for me again.  I miss going to the local Outlet Mall, where the spawns are best, and wandering around saying quick hellos to others in the community.  We have a discord server, but it’s not quite the same.

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