Sunday 31st January 2021

This has not been a productive week.  Today’s the last day of January and as such I’m going to spend part of tomorrow doing a January review.  It started so well with the script getting sent off, only to then get worse as news from the US caused a bunch of anxiety that just left me drained.  Whereas before I was quite happy doing my thing whilst staying safe during lockdown, I’m now restless and letting it get to me.

As such, whilst I don’t feel I’m on the edge of a mental health crisis just yet, I don’t want to be even close to one.  So things haven’t got done and this has been one of the least productive weeks in ages as I focus on resting and resetting.

Today was no different to previous days.  Tomorrow, I need to start focusing on a number of short stories I want to submit, but Sunday is raid night and as such my focus was on Warcraft.  I’m playing less than I did back in December, but with the new features out the way, I’ve been able to focus more on the things that matter to me and my long term goals.

I leveled another character this week, my 7th overall.  I still have a bunch of stuff to do with them but the aim isn’t to make them super geared and up-to-date like my main and raiding alt.  Instead, it’s to have them so they can do alternative covenant content, and be strong enough to run old raids.  And, most importantly, do all the professions.

I’ve not really done any profession work the last couple of weeks.  You need materials and reagents to do that, and currently those are gathered from characters leveling through the new zones.  But today was the start of Darkmoon Faire, where there are profession quests giving a 5 level boost.  So I took all my characters through that, as well as going through what mats I had to level them further.

I’m not doing bad.  There’s still a way to go with most characters, but I seem to be a good way in.  A few dedicated game sessions focused on specific mats and I think I could get a lot of them to max level.

Whereas most players tend to have a main and then alts, I tend to have more bands in my categorisation of characters.  I have those characters I want to max.  They will raid and do all the content in the hope of being as complete as possible.  Then there are my main alts.  These are my alts with the various professions.  They have guild banks to support their professions and the aim is that they could each make money.  I then have the regular alts.  These are additional characters I made, purely to give me more options if I want to chase certain drops from old raids.  They are repeats of classes I already have, although maybe different races.

I have my mains maxed.  I’m probably 80% through getting all my main alts to 100.  I might need to do some light gearing with them at some point but for now the aim with those are to get them to 60 and get their professions maxed.  I will then just get the additional alts to 60.  My aim is to get the main alts done before 9.1 hits, which at a guess will be May.  I should have it done in the next month or so.

So I’m in a good position, and this feels like my only productive achievement of the last week.  Still, everyone I’ve spoken to seems to be struggling with lockdown this week, so I don’t feel too bad for having an unproductive week.

Just so long as next week is the complete opposite.

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