Sunday 24th January 2021

Because this has been a wobbly week, I’ve tried to be a bit kind with myself this weekend.  I’ve enjoyed good food, watched TV and played some games.

Today there was a Mareep incense day.  I did the original community day years back so this was of little interest to me… except that I needed a minum and plusle for my collection challenge.  I played an hour to get those and then logged off.  I’m actually quite enjoying these collection challenges.  I just don’t like it when they include shadow pokemon as it’s really not viable to go out hunting Pokestops during lockdown.

I’ve also been putting a bit more effort into Warcraft since Friday.  Whilst things have slowed down a bit, I feel getting away for a few hours into the Shadowlands does my mental health a world of good.  I always seem to come away from a gaming session feeling refreshed.

It was raid night tonight and we’re now running heroics.  Whilst we’ve done 4/10, this week we’ve had some raid composition changes and we struggled with artificer.

I’ve made some changes this week.  I’ve altered my talents around which has had the knock on effect that my rotation has changed.  I’m still not use to it, as sometimes there doesn’t appear to be any action and I don’t think my character is dealing damage.  But my DPS seems decent and I felt a lot more mobile tonight.  I’ve really started using abilities outside my core rotation, and I feel I’m slowly starting to really understand the nuances of the class.

With the gear level (I’m now around 201) and all the enchants I have, I do wonder if I should be doing higher damage but I guess we’re all getting loot and improving, so the DPS meter is always changing.

But, I came away from raiding feeling relaxed.  Tomorrow is the start of a new week and with it, I hope it’s a chance to reset and move forward.  I don’t feel this week has been a particularly productive one, but looking at social media, I think these last couple of weeks have been difficult for everyone.

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