A Nothing Day – The Climb #697

A Nothing Day – The Climb #697

Tuesday 19th January 2020

Some days are nothing days, when you do a bunch of stuff not none of them seem to be the key achievement or piece of learning that day.

I finished reading The Invisible Lives of Addie LaRue.  I didn’t feel like I read a whole bunch in 2020 and as such I’ve put more of an effort into it this year.  This was an audiobook and one I really enjoyed.  The narrator was really good and I’ve been listening to it as I grind out levels on another alt in World of Warcraft.

I’d hoped to have finished it yesterday but I still had 45 minutes to go when it was really late and I needed to go to bed, so I finished it this morning.

As a story, I loved the multiple timelines and the almost simplistic storyline (because I’m pretty sure that behind the scenes it’s anything but simple).  It’s the kinda book you can get lost in and I really appreciated that.  My only issue was a personal one and that was how it ended.  The author made a choice and technically, it was a perfectly good choice, but as a reader I wanted a different ending.  But that’s just me and I expect loads of people would disagree with me.

It’s also the start of a new Pokemon Go event today and once again I’m feeling slightly peeved at Niantic.  Several of the spawns you need to collect for the collection aren’t in the wild so you can’t get them on incense, only as a reward for spinning pokestops.  You also need to raid for the special research:  2x Groudon, 2x Kyogre.  And guess what, they give you 3 remote raid passes to do so.  It just pisses me off that they don’t seem to now give a shit about the pandemic.  And just as I was starting to enjoy it again.

I also raided this evening on our second raid night of the week.  We’re onto heroics now and got our 3rd boss down.  I’m pretty pleased with that but I did a bit of reading and I need to make some changes to my talents and rotation.  I’d been tempted to do it yesterday for today but there are some AOEs in my new rotation and I worry that it might aggro or break CCs of things I don’t intend to.  My plan is to do it tomorrow on Warcraft Wednesday and have until Sunday to try it out.

And I’ve also found another short story submission window.  I’d not made any specific plans for short stories this year but I think these short term goals are a good idea to break a few things up.  I’d like to make a start on reworking an old story this week for a current submission window.  And yes, this is in addition to my normal novel first draft work.

So progress on a few things, but no major revelations today.  I’m waiting on news on a few things and as such I’m a little distracted when I know what I should be doing is getting me head down and carrying on.

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