Sunday 10th January 2021

This has been a incredibly long week.  I was lamenting that I felt like I wasn’t being productive this week, only to realise that I submitted the script on Wednesday and that was this week.  I still had a bunch of other things that needed to get done but didn’t due to the real world just throwing me off.  Oh well,  it’s about progress and moving forward.  It doesn’t have to be smooth.

I’ve also been progressing my World of Warcraft though this week, that too felt a bit rough.  We’re now raiding on Sunday and Tuesday nights and on my raiding alt I’ve been focused on gearing them up and being ready.

And tonight we killed the final boss in the raid, Sire Denathrius.  I’m sure that in the big scheme of things, this isn’t going to be important, but Warcraft has been my emotional retreat this past year, and given world events of the last week, being able to accomplish something there felt good.

The last two bosses went down extremely smooth.  The raid mechanics, even on Normal, are so complicated with these bosses.  As I said to guildees, there was a time when mythics weren’t this complicated.

But that group play scratches the itch I’m missing in HEMA right now.  Downing bosses gives me a little of the elation I feel competing in tournaments.

We’ve already started on Heroic difficulty and got the first boss down.  I genuinely enjoy it.

Outside of raiding I’m also keeping my main up to date on the Renown and gearing them the best I can.  And I’m still slowly leveling alts, currently working on my 6th level 60 as I listen to audiobooks.

So there is progress in many aims for 2021, they’re just a bit erratic.  Still, given that it normally takes me to February to get settled in to a new year, I’m probably not giving myself enough credit for everything I’ve worked on so far this year.  It just feels like it’s March already after the past week.

Monday is typically the day I refocus.  I go over all the tasks I missed, and reschedule them.  I go over my aims and see how well I did against them.  Something new for 2021 is a bit more of a review.  I want to  capture more than the week’s big wins – so I don’t forget that it was this past Wednesday I submitted my script.  I’ve started adding learning and my reading, and thinking a bit more about where my goals are stalling.  It’s all too easy to think about the things that didn’t get done or keep getting put off rather than the ones that did.

It’s been a long week and for the latter part, it’s not felt particularly productive, but finishing it with getting the final boss of the Castle Nathria raid down is a nice way to cap it all off.

Onto next week and whatever it brings (hopefully calmer tides)

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