Thursday 7th January 2020

Today has technically been my day off.  I should have had my day playing Warcraft yesterday but due to needing to get my submission out, it meant I only got a few hours play – which isn’t enough for all the Warcraft weekly quests.

So I decided to have a Warcraft Thursday this week.

Now, in the back of my head I’ve starting to become VERY aware of just how much writing I need to do each day to meet my next deadline.  Admittedly this one is a soft deadline – one just for me – and I’d forgive myself for running over a little due to focusing on the script… but it still means a ridiculous amount of work.  Over 4000 words a day, and that doesn’t include other writing like The Climb or a short story I want to do.

I still intend to try for it though.  My next block of work, intended for the first two weeks of February, is an outline, and following that is an edit / rewrite.  I did this so I could vary what type of work I was doing, but I guess it allows me to overlap a little.

Still, even though a lot of these deadlines are all personal, I really don’t want to start getting behind just yet.

So you might think that having a Warcraft Thursday was a bad idea.  Possibly.  But I think it’s important to celebrate my successes and as I gave up my Warcraft Wednesday and a lot of other things to get the script done… it seemed fair.

Whether I will think so in 3 weeks’ time, remains to be seen.

As for the Warcraft.  It was a bit boring and consisted mostly of grinding anima so I could unlock the penultimate campaign quests.  I’m enjoying these, and there seems to be a real story evolving, rather than the normal change then status quo presented by the big patch releases.

I got it done on two characters.  I also got some other Aldenweald auxiliary quest that had been hanging around complete.

I like that I’ve got to the stage where pretty much everything is done in Warcraft (at least for this week) as it means that other than dabbling, my focus can be on my writing.  I can be super-productive when I mix boring Wacraft grinds with writing sessions, and I guess that’s going to be put to the test over the next few weeks!

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