Wednesday 6th January 2021

I’ve managed to get my first writing project of 2021 completed and submitted but it came at a cost.

Wednesday is typically my Warcraft day.  It the day of the weekly resets and I’ve found it’s easier to find groups on that day.  It also means I get the bulk of the weekly tasks done and out the way rather than let them drag on and possibly disturb my other work for the week.  I want to interlace pieces of writing with recharging in Warcraft but it needs to be the more boring grindy stuff or I’ll be on it all day.

With the launch of Shadowlands there’s lot to do at the start of reset:  a new world boss, new weekly quests both in the covenant and in the maw.  Those will have me hunting for anima and avoiding The Jailer.  Once done there will be a new campaign quest to do for further renown.  There’s the great vault to visit for rewards for killing bosses the week before.  There are new Torghast and dungeons quests to pick up.

I do this on 2 characters, even though I have 5 level 60s currently.  It’s a lot to do just on 2.

But today, I didn’t do it.  Or rather, I only did some of it.  I finished my script late last night and then spent this morning formatting and error checking before submitting.  The deadline was today but considering I only discovered that the submission had been moved forward last week, I think I’ve done well to get something ready and submitted.

It feels really good to have my first piece of completed work done and sent off in the first week of January.  It feels like an accomplishment and I wish I’d had time left in the day to relax and reward myself with a big Warcraft session.  However, time was against me and I never got my weekly task list done.

So I’m going to have a Warcraft Thursday this week.  I suspect that because I’ve left it a day, it’ll take slightly longer to get a group together, but I’m not going to worry about it.  If it takes all my free time on Thursday, so be it.  I earned it.

I’m just glad the deadline was today and not tomorrow.  I think with the news today, had the deadline been tomorrow I would have found myself unable to continue.  I’m just too mad to focus.

Hopefully a chill day tomorrow in the Shadowlands will result in me being ready to focus on my next big challenge.

I now have the first draft of this novel to get done before the end of the month.  I was tempted to start today and probably would have had I not been glued to the news this evening.  I have a LOT to write in 3 weeks – about 30,000 words a week.    Not impossible but still a huge target.

Why do I do these things to myself?

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