Sunday 3rd January 2021

I started on the script today.  I’ve got less than a week to complete it (due to a submissions period and looming deadline I’ve only just found out about) which means that January has hit me with full force.  However, I’m making progress on this.

I’d like to say it was good progress but I only got 3 pages of script done, which isn’t a whole lot given the time constraints.  But, this is a new venture (or at least a writing format I’ve not done for many years) so this really was a case of me learning Final Draft and getting going.

It’s so easy to sometimes get caught up in the volume of progress rather than the fact that progress was made.  Ideally I would have liked 10 pages of script, but I’ll take 3.  As I find my confidence with the software and the format, so I’m sure my page count will go up.

There’s also that internal fear that comes with starting anything new, and to get 3 pages despite that resistance feels like an accomplishment.

I also progressed the novel as well.  The switch to 1st person POV seems to have been a wise choice as the words feel less strained.

Again, not a huge number of words given I need to get this first draft done by the end of the month, but progress nonetheless.  And I’ve seen professional writers with smaller daily tallies so it wasn’t a terrible word count by any means.  With the script out the way, I should be able to produce more and make up at least some of the daily shortfall.

And let’s not forget, I’m juggling two projects currently.  I’m actually surprised how well I’m actually managing.  Thank goodness for gaming breaks, which are working as a bit of a palette cleanser.

Next week sees the first full week of January and the start of an effort by me to introduce positive habits to last me the whole year.  Ordinarily, it would be the first Monday that would see me start writing projects, so the fact that over the weekend, I’ve got myself to a stage where I have 3 pages of script, and already changed the POV of the novel, is a good sign.

There are plenty of challenges ahead.  I need to really make some good strides with the script tomorrow and that’s going to be a strain.  And then once that’s out the way, I then need to put a huge effort into the first draft of the novel.

In summary:  good progress, but there’s plenty of work still to be done.

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