Saturday 2nd January 2021

If this is a sign of my 2021 to come then this is going to be a good year.  I’ve had a productive day across a range of interests.

Firstly, putting together the structure of the script has gone well.  I’m using the story circle to guide me and was having problems with the latter half.  But now I think I have some form of conclusion and it’s starting to feel like a rounded story rather than a collection of scenes.  Next I need to start putting some of these scenes into Final Draft and start wrestling with the software (it’s still fairly new to me).

Secondly, I swapped the POV of this latest chapter in the novel to first person and it now seems to flow.  Whilst, given the number of words I need to write this month means I would have liked double the progress I made today, I have to accept that this was the first day with this POV, and I am working on a script as well.  Still a decent wordcount though.

This afternoon, I took a break to catch up on the Operation Snowdown quests in Fortnite with friends.  I feel a bit behind this season due to Shadowlands and other demands on my time but I try to ensure I complete all the quests with rewards.  There’s something about the collecting aspect of Fortnite and their free rewards, whether they be from limited-time events or the battle pass, that I quite enjoy.  Some of the missions were quite difficult and I was a bit worried that we’d left it a bit late to complete them in a single gaming session but we managed to breeze through them

And then in the evening, when C fell asleep early and I was stuck with crap TV, my Warcraft guild organised a timewalking raid group.  For once, I was free and there was space so a nice big group of us went back to Ulduar.  This was the first guild raid I ever did back in the day, 12 or so years ago.  I’ve also run it a bunch of times solo for achievements.  But scaled down it was like a new experience.  Best of all, I got a ton of decent loot drops and my raiding character got 7 ilevels progress.  I’m now sat at 192 and feel pretty uber at that.  The loot gods were certainly looking down on me.

As a result, I end today feeling quite satisfied.  I wish all days could feel so productive with progress in both ‘work’ and leisure activities.

We’ll try again tomorrow.

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