Wednesday 13th May 2020

One of the things I like about Warcraft Wednesdays is going back over the last entry and seeing how much progress I’ve made.  It’s also interesting seeing what my aims were a week ago and whether I kept to them or got distracted.

This week has largely been about raw gold.  Now I have 8 geared characters,  I can run raids eight times for boss loot.  This has proved remarkably lucrative.  There are a lot of old raids, multiplied by a number of characters.

I’ve had to learn to boss run rather than do a full clear (although trash loot in some places like some of the Pandaria raids is actually pretty good) because I forgot one key thing.  Clearing all Pandaria raids in an hour on a single character seems pretty good, especially when it seems to net around 6-7k gold.  But that does then mean to do it on all my characters takes 8 hours.

To make matters worse, I finally used my character boosts I’ve had since the BFA preorder to give me two new viable alts. I boosted a Panda Shaman and a Tauren Paladin to 120 and 110 respectively.  I’ve taken the Paladin through some island expeditions and he’s now 111.

The other thing I’ve been doing this week is rep.  The reputation boost is supposedly going away on the 18th and whilst I don’t think I’ll get to exalted, I’d like to get my characters as far along as I can.  That way they’ll have access to 3* recipes.  I’ve not included the new high level characters in this list, because just doing world quests on my existing characters took a large part of my playtime already.

What I’ve not done a lot of this week is professions.  I’d wanted to progress a couple more professions, either taking existing ones past that 150-160 bottleneck or leveling others to around that.  I just didn’t get the time to sit down and do that because I was always behind on my plan for the week.

I don’t feel I’ve played effectively this week.  Due to a busy week last week, I didn’t play as much as I originally planned.  Some nights I just didn’t feel up to it.  Also:  just doing the same thing 8 times can sometimes feel a little dry.  I’ve started listening to audiobooks as I do this and that’s helped a bit.

So the results:  about 150k.  That’s not bad, but I feel I need to be doing around twice that to make my target 5 million.  Given I wasn’t effective, that might be possible, or it might just be too much work to sustain.

My plan for the next week is to try and have an effective week just to see what the maximum raw gold I can make is.  I should also get an idea of whether this could be sustainable.  I’ve already started to note which runs are the most effective so if I need to dial it back, I can focus on the most profitable.

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