Wednesday 6th May 2020

This last week has been about professions and reputation.

I’ve not been afraid to spend in order to get materials to level up, averaging around 20-30k gold per profession.    Instead of edging a few forward, I’ve focused on just a few and spent the cash to get them as close to max as I can.

I managed to max alchemy and have taken engineering and tailoring very high.  All that’s stopping me getting those to max level are a stockoile of expulsom, and the plan is to use the tailor to create stuff that can be passed to other characters to scrap.

My rep grind has mainly consisted of doing the daily emissary.  When I’ve been able to, I’ve grabbed any assaults I can for extra Honourbond rep.  The unshackled has proved the most difficult.  With some of my more squishy classes such as the mage, it’s been a real pain to do those quests and I’ve made a note in future that when Unshackled comes round again I’ll do those classes first when there are loads of people around to help.

I put an evening into advancing the Unshackled storyline quests.  My main has more world quests available than others and annoyingly those are the easier world quests.  So I’ve been doing yellow quests in the hope of unlocking them.  I’ve not done it on all characters yet, and I still don’t seem to have the puzzle quests unlocked, but my focus this past week has been to inch every character along.

Most characters seem to be sitting around high honoured / low revered with most of the  BFA factions.

I do have 3 level 80s sitting there waiting to be leveled.  With the extension of the XP buff I’ve not been too concerned about leveling them up but had hoped to use Pandaria Timewalking this week to progress them a bit.  However, I’ve just discovered that Pandaria Timewalking is level 91 and above, not 80.

Whilst I do have to question whether I want further 120s, where they come in is on old raid runs.  I’ve found those incredibly good for raw gold.  Those can only be run once a week so the more characters, the more I can multiply the raw gold from those raids.

I’ve had to train myself that instead of doing a full clear (which takes time), I instead, just run for the boss.  This makes the runs faster, which means I can do more of them in an evening, and hence increase my gold.

The old raid runs are proving so good that despite spending somewhere close to 100k on materials for profession leveling I’ve still grown my gold by 50k.  I’ve now got a rough schedule for the week ahead and think I can do 200k plus

I’ve sold some items.  I did some cooking for children’s day, and sold a cake.  I also sold one of my high level engineering weapons.  However, to make more I need explusom, which meant leveling the tailor.  I still need to set up TSM operations and get a workflow going to make high value and in-demand items but that can wait until after the professions are done (which I hope to do in the next 10-14 days).

Overall, the week has been a success.  Whether I make enough gold for the Bronto or not, the fact that these professions are levelled up will benefit me beyond this expansion.  The plan for this week is to level a few more professions, continue to do world quests for the rep (so I can purchase better recipes), and do raid runs to see how much raw gold I can comfortably farm in a week.  If I could hit 250k, that might be enough to finance my Brontosaur before the next expansion.

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