Wednesday 29th April 2020

It’s #WarcraftWednesday so it’s time to bring you the latest update on what I’ve been up to in-game.

The last week was actually a really good one, even though my playing tailed off a bit the last couple of days.

I actually made gold.  And not just a little bit, but a decent amount as well.  In fact over 100k.

This was done by running old LFR raids.  I basically did all the LFR Draenor and Pandaria raids on all 8 toons.  This took quite a bit of time, which explains why I teetered off a little at the start of this week to focus on other things.  In theory if I’d also done different difficulties of all those raids I could have made 3x that amount.  The problem is that it took me a lot of time.

Part of that is that I was focusing on full clears.  As I got further along,  I started focusing more on the bosses and trying to speed run it rather than clear it.  However, I think some instances are much longer than others, and whilst it’s fun to do Siege of Ogrimmar, on the 8th run it does start to drag.

It’s good to know that I’m now at a stage where all my characters can now do all this content.  If nothing else, I can raise gold this way… I just need to optimise by being selective about which raids I run.

In terms of leveling, my focus has been to get all my remaining 120s to the stage where they pick up their legendary cloak.  That’s been difficult on some because I’m unfamiliar with the class and they’re squishy.  But my priest seems to have picked up so much corruption that they are playing pretty solid , and I endured last night to get my mage through the final stages.  All my characters are now suitably geared up, and whilst I can always get better gear, it’s good enough for what I want to do.

I have become aware that whilst it’s tempting to endlessly gear up, long term that’s not really going to help me.  Come the next expansion, there will be new gear and my characters will be effectively reset.  What is going to have long term benefit is professions.

I look at my legion professionsm, and most of them are sitting undone (I didn’t really level up professions in Legion).  Had I done them and put the time into the level 3 recipes, then I would have  been able to make good use of them now.

It reinforced to me that my priority now needs to be professions and reputation so I can get the level 3 recipes.

I’d said last week that I’d wanted to level up 10  places a day.  That’s not happened but I have leveled up most of my professions by about 20 places overall.  Part of the issue is materials.  I have my professions spread out so that the pair any one character has compliment each other (mining and blacksmithing, skinning and leatherworking, etc).  I used up my materials to level up what I could but I needed to farm a load more.

However, after watching a bunch of goldmaking videos this week I’ve come to the conclusion that aside from maxing gathering professions, I should not feel bad about buying materials.  It feels like wasted gold to me, but I think I need to take an invest to accumulate mentality.

I’ve watched goldfarmers with far fewer alts than me, do incredibly well just buying mats off the auction house.

So… the plan this week is two-fold.  I’m going to run some more raids but I’m going to spend the gold characters earn to buy materials to level up professions.  At the same time I’ll continue to do World Quests to raise rep with the view to unlocking level 3 recipes that will make me more cost efficient.

We’ll see how this goes, but I’m willing to sacrifice a week’s raw gold if it means I can level up the professions.

There’s also those characters sitting around level 80, and a couple of 120 and 110 level boosts that are just calling to me… but perhaps I’ll save that for next week.

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