Wednesday 22nd April 2020

It’s Wednesday which means another update on where I am with World of Warcraft.

I’ve now got to the stage where I’m starting to put together spreadsheets.  I’ve been using an add-on called TSM to track a lot of my accounting across my various characters but I’ve found it’s not reporting correctly for some reason so have created an excel spreadsheet to track gold by character.

I’ve also broken down each characters professions so I have an overview where each of them are and which I need to prioritise.

The weekend was heavily taken up with a Pokemon Go event so much of last week was spent preparing and playing the event.  With the XP bonus due to end this past Monday, what little time I did have, I put into levelling my vulpera Death knight.  I main a Death Knight so I debated levelling a second one, but if the mage and priest have taught me anything it’s that I doubt I’ll be doing dungeon and raid runs with them.  With a number of plate wearers I’ll have the option to run old raids a bunch of times.

In fact,  I’ve found this really good Gold Challenge ( with spreadsheets and a guide.  Whilst I want to adapt it across all my characters so won’t be entering the challenge per say,  I do intend to try following the guide for each day and see what it does for raw gold farming.

Some good news was that on Friday Blizzard announced a month long rep bonus event.  It’s fairly limited but will be of a lot of use to my alts, particularly if they want some of the 3* recipes.  They also announced an extension to the XP bonus which was welcome for levelling further alts

I have a very simple ‘leveling’ process:  get a character to level 120 and unlock world quests.  I then get an alt to send them benethic gear to up their ilevel.  Next, I unlock Najatar.  There are 3 quests here that are quite difficult if you have low level gear hence the previous stage.  Even so I’ve found it a pain on some of the cloth wearing classes.  Once that’s done I continue the questline and unlock the heart forge to boost my heart of azeroth to level 50.  This usually results in me unlocking all the bonuses on my benethic gear which together with the boost to the legendary neck piece means that my characters now become viable.  The final stage is to unlock the first stage of the legendary cloak.

I now have 8 characters at level 120 and have taken them all to the stage where their heart of azeroth neckpiece is boosted to level 50.  4 of them still need the legendary cloak but this could be difficult as they are classes I’m not familiar with and a lot of them are quite squishy.

However, the focus right now is world quests and professions.  Whilst I’ll continue to level up the level 80s, my aim is to do BFA world quests each day to take advantage of the reputation bonus, and level up rings and trinkets.  I’m a bit worried about my priest who has managed to get a couple of corrupted rings already and has a massive 40 corruption.  As if they weren’t squishy enough!

My aim with professions is to level the Zandalari component 10 spots each day.  I suspect with 8 characters and 2 professions each (plus fishing and cooking on my main), this amounts to a lot of work, specifically if I need to go and farm mats for 10 items each day.  So I’m treating this more as an aim than something I’m going to religiously hold to.  I suspect I may find I do 10 every other day.  We’ll see.

I plan to work backwards so if I manage to max a profession then I’ll start looking at legion world quests and profession levelling.  My aim is that when I report back in next week, my professions are going to look a lot better.  I plan to use a professions guide to ensure the most effective levelling process.

I’m also coming to the conclusion that farming mats might be a poor use of time.  I’ve listened to a bunch of WoW goldmaking videos whilst playing or working and they’re using the time they play to craft rather than gather.  Worried I might be spreading myself too thin, I might consider this once my professions reach max level.

What’s good is that there is plenty to do and I reckon even if I played 24 hours a day currently, I’d get everything done on my list (let’s not even talk about Pet Battles!)  With things moving from leveling to professions, I’m moving into areas that will benefit me for expansions to come.

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