Monday 13th April 2020

Today has been a day of running errands.  Whilst I got some Warcraft in and got my Warrior to the stage where they are now doing the latest expansion content, I’ve not really played that much.

The reason for that has been the need to do a number of errands.

I needed to shop for myself and others.  I’ve been trying to do early mornings and had hoped to be able to save food shop until tomorrow but I needed a few too many things, which meant braving the queues.  I miss being able to dash to the shops for X or Y.  What should have been a 20 minute dash now turns into a 2 hour affair.

I also needed to help someone pick up a prescription which meant driving them to the chemist.

Ordinarily I’d combine something like this with some Pokemon Go, but I’ve really not been playing the game.  I’ve even had some of the players from our local discord reach out and ask if I’m OK.

The problem is that the person I play with cannot walk for extended periods of time and suffers for it when they do walk.  We normally drive around to stock up on pokeballs and potions, and with all non-essential travel banned, we can’t do that.

I’m not a fan of spoofing, but I have to admit that given the circumstances I’d forgive people for doing it currently.  It’s not for me though.

What makes it doubly annoying is that a bunch of stops I nominated have been added into the game, with a number of new gyms created.  I’m a fan of small condensed play areas, for the reasons outlined above.  For people who have mobility issues, they are a godsend.  But they’re currently a drive away… and therefore not essential.  Plus as I’m running errands for people I want to limit my exposure as much as possible.

We’d originally been planning to go to Liverpool this next week for the Safari Zone but that’s been cancelled.  There will be a virtual one this coming weekend ahead of a rescheduled physical event, and so I’ve been saving my pokeballs for that.  My friends haven’t, and have blasted through their supply with recent events.

As a result, I’ve really had a break from Pokemon.  I can’t play the way I want and would rather have a great virtual event this coming weekend and miss other in-game events.

The end result is that Pokemon Go will really need to win me back when this is over.  I’m a completionist and I’m sure in months to come the various limited time event shinies missing from my dex will really bother me.

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