Thursday 11th January 2018

Many, many moon ago  (about 15 months ago to be precise), I backed a kickstarter for a boardgame called Shadows of Brimstone.
The game is basically a weird western where adventurers dive into the mines and find all sorts of Cthulhuan terrors.  There are also portals which take you to other worlds.  There’s a snow world, a jungle world, a desert world, a battlefield world and a fire world.  They’ve released a ton of material for the game from expansions for the various worlds to extra gear cards to new enemies and classes to play.
One of the things that I love about the game is that your character levels up between adventures.  Given that you can also play it with a single player it feels like an MMO in a boardgame.
It’s also a lot of fun.
I’m a huge fan of the game and this kickstarter was for the new feudal Japan themed set called Forbidden Fortress.
As you can imagine I went all in on that and I look forward to getting my rewards sometime in the summer.
However, there had been a previous kickstarter for the original game which I missed… and all-in on that was just a staggering amount of stuff.  People have since moaned about how long it’s taken them to actually make all the things listed in the Minecart All-in pledge but when you see the list, it’s no surprise – 2 base games, 4 expansions, card sets, enemy packs, mission packs and more.
As part of the Forbidden Fortress kickstarter they offered a limited number of these Minecart pledges to people who missed them.  For a boardgame it was ridiculously expensive… but only because of how much stuff was involved.
I jumped at it.
It arrived today… and I’m not going to lie… I was expecting a lot of stuff.  I just didn’t realise how much.  The boxes were rammed packed with sprues and booklets.  Even some of the expansion sets have been packed without their boxes to save space.
I unpacked a lot of it and realised that I have about a week of two of solid gluing.
I set up the table I use for gaming and have turned it into a gluing station.  I spent most of the evening gluing models together.
I managed to do about 3 of 50 or so sets I need to do and it took my mind off a few things that have been bothering me.  Obviously I need to think where I’m going to put everything once it’s glued and have ordered a few storage options so that the models don’t get damaged.
There’s part of me that really wants to dive in.  I feel like I’ve gone from having a large number of game options to an entire universe.  Just the rule books are going to take an entire folder.  I ran out of clear sleeve folders just filing some of the new enemy cards.
I suspect it’s going to take me a few weeks to get today’s delivery all sorted and ready for play.  Just as well I’ve been playing a load of Shadows recently.
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